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Whether you are buying, selling or renting a home or other type of property in Jamaica, you can count on us for your real estate needs. Do not hesitate to let us know the type of property you are looking for. 

We also stand ready to advise and assist with marketing and selling your property. Our winning team... Our dynamic staff will help you!

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Purchasing a home?

For the average person, purchasing a home can be a daunting affair. How does one REALLY know what choices are out there? In times of typically limited financial resources, how can you be sure that you are getting optimal value for your hard earned dollar? And speaking of “hard earned”, how will the typical hard-working, busy professional find the time to really study the market and be ultimately confident in the choice to be made?

Selling, Renting or Leasing Residential or Commercial Properties?

Similarly, selling a property has its own set of challenges. For the most part, persons will normally not know the best ways to properly position and market their properties - and this too, can be a time consuming and really draining experience! The same is of course true for the sale of both residential and commercial properties as well as renting or leasing.

We can assist in so many ways!

Even the experienced person who may have bought or sold several properties over a number of years can benefit from the kind of services provided by FINLAY ESTATES. We can assist with research to help inform your decision to buy or sell, rent or lease. Depending on the general type of property being focused on or the specific characteristics of a particular parcel of real estate, the research process might, for instance include unearthing and systematically analyzing data on sales trends and “closed deals” that could accurately inform and help the decision-making process for both the neophyte as well as the sophisticated, seasoned investor alike.

FINLAY ESTATES, for Real Estate Sales, Rentals, Leases & Auctioneering...

In a relatively short period of time, FINLAY ESTATES has grown to become one of the leading real estate firms in Jamaica. Duly licensed by Jamaica’s Real Estate Board (Sales Rentals, Leases and Auctioneering) and holding professional membership with the Realtors Association of Jamaica, our team of real estate professionals knows that the buying or selling of property will be a major undertaking for most people and stands ready to assist in the process. Realtor/Broker and Managing Director, Mr. Emile Finlay, was for several years associated with one of Jamaica’s long-standing real estate institutions before establishing FINLAY ESTATES. He comes to the business of Real Estate with a varied background -achieving many successes and commendations in areas such as agro-industrial management, applied research, project administration as well as trade management, international business and consulting. Experienced in designing and administering training programmes, Emile has not only found ways to impart his knowledge and experiences to his sales team but at the same time has assisted each individual to draw on their own experiences, inner qualities and strengths in order to achieve success and provide unequalled service to our clients!

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