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  • JMD $6,900,000.00 - Sale PART OF HOPE, SPUR TREE
    Under Offer Spur Tree Development Land (Residential) MLS #12458 VIEW DETAILS
    Spur Tree has been described as a middle class residential community located on the outskirts of Mandeville. The weather is always fine, the air is fresh, clean and cool. So why not consider this residential lot as the location for that perfect home for you and your family? The lot is just under 2 acres in size and is flat or more accurately, one might say that it is ever so gently sloping - it sl...
  • JMD $10,200,000.00 - Sale SHERNESS CRESCENT
    Kingston 20 House MLS #15245 VIEW DETAILS
    Make an offer on this compact 2-bedroom home located on a corner lot in the residential neighbourhood of Washington Gardens. The house will need some TLC but the lot is of good size with lots of space for upgrading, expanding or adding to the existing structure. Contact us to discuss or to schedule your appointment to view....
  • JMD $5,000,000.00 - Sale NEWCANAAN(NEAR WAKEFIELD)
    Adelphi Residential Lot MLS #11142 VIEW DETAILS
    This vacant lot is just over 5 acres in size and is located in New Canaan, St. James - close to the border with Trelawny. Nearby towns are Adelphi, Somerton and Wakefield. Contact us for further information or to make your offer!...
  • USD $80,000.00 - Sale WILTSHIRE DR.(CORAL GDNS)
    Montego Bay Residential Lot MLS #10788 VIEW DETAILS
    Build your dream home with ocean view on this lovely half-acre lot in Coral Gardens. You will find the location to be quiet, cool, upscale and a trifle remote. Yet it lies within minutes of the hustle and bustle of Montego Bay and all this vibrant city has to offer. Contact us for more details or to put in your offer!...
  • JMD $5,000,000.00 - Sale JACKS HILL RD (MARYLAND)
    Kingston 6 Residential Lot MLS #14444 VIEW DETAILS
    Less than 15 minutes from Barbican Road, yet blessed with a distinct rural feel, the broader Jacks Hill community is the residence of choice for a discerning number of business people, artists and professionals of almost every discipline. Easily accessible either from Jacks Hill Road (Barbican) OR via Gordon Town Road (Skyline Drive), the cool and tranquil environment is attractive for visitors to...
  • JMD $3,000,000.00 - Sale HILLSIDE CRESCENT
    Under Offer Kingston 2 House MLS #10783 VIEW DETAILS
    Affordable 2-bedroom house in the Kingston 2 area...
  • JMD $2,300,000.00 - Sale UNITY, HAMPSTEAD P.O.
    Under Offer Hampstead Development Land (Residential) MLS #10156 VIEW DETAILS
    This 5-acre lot lies just about one kilometer off the main North Coast Highway in Unity (Hampstead P.O.) - a very quiet farming community located not far from Whitehall and Port Maria in St. Mary. Have a look at it, visualize your plans for the location as the area develops and contact us to discuss your possible offer to purchase!...
  • JMD $8,400,000.00 - Sale ADMIRAL AVENUE
    Under Contract Bridgeport House MLS #5983 VIEW DETAILS
    Two bedroom, one bathroom house in Passage Fort, Portmore - Includes kitchen, living, dining, family room, enclosed wash room, carport and verandah. There is also a small paved area outside which leads into the family room which can be transformed into a cozy recreation area. House needs some fixing up, which gives you the opportunity to add your personal touch. It is conveniently located just two...
  • JMD $12,900,000.00 - Sale 2 EAST, EAST SABINA
    Greater Portmore House MLS #13798 VIEW DETAILS
    This is a large 2-family home with 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Upstairs you will find 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, balcony and living area and the same is replicated downstairs. A convenient, quiet location with good, practical income-earning potential. Contact us for more details!...
  • JMD $1,500,000.00 - Sale COCOA WALK
    Under Offer Old Harbour Residential Lot MLS #8273 VIEW DETAILS
    Sloping lot of just less than 1/2 acre in the quiet area of Cocoa Walk in Old Harbour surrounded by completed single family homes and others under construction....
  • JMD $6,900,000.00 - Sale


    Spur Tree

    Development Land (Residential)

    MLS #: 12458

  • USD $65,000.00 - Sale


    Long Bay

    Development Land (Residential)

    MLS #: 14864

  • JMD $8,500,000.00 - Sale

    S E 32ND WAY, 3 EAST

    Greater Portmore


    MLS #: 14783

  • JMD $18,000,000.00 - Sale


    Montego Bay

    Town House

    MLS #: 8326

  • USD $120,000.00 - Sale




    MLS #: 12921

  • JMD $37,000,000.00 - Sale


    Kingston 6


    MLS #: 8005

  • JMD $2,300,000.00 - Sale



    Development Land (Residential)

    MLS #: 10156

  • JMD $1,900,000.00 - Sale


    Red Hills

    Residential Lot

    MLS #: 10780

  • JMD $12,900,000.00 - Sale


    Kingston 20


    MLS #: 8305

  • JMD $9,000,000.00 - Sale


    Kingston 10


    MLS #: 14714

  • JMD $2,600,000.00 - Sale


    Free Hill

    Development Land (Residential)

    MLS #: 2521

  • JMD $23,000,000.00 - Sale

    Sherbourne Crescent

    Sherbourne Heights


    PID: 15038